Onsite support

Onsite support is when our ICONA engineers visit your business premises to carry out any IT support tasks. Field support engineers are available when needed by appointment or on full-time basis to meet your business specific needs and business maintenance strategy. Onsite IT support service is our own personal favourite mainly because we get to see our clients face to face and develop a closer relationship with them. For us, knowing our clients’ needs comes more naturally when spending more time together, so having to sit down with them on regular basis, allows us to personalise the way we support their business.


A team of ICONA support specialists will help your business by planning the correct way to maintain and support your networks and computer systems. Our support technicians will carry out the work onsite insuring your IT systems are helping your business go forward. With our onsite support services, ICONA Service field support engineers will take care of your IT systems with preventive and reactive tasks.


Onsite support tasks may vary: installing new computer systems for both servers and workstations, configuring network equipment such as routers, firewalls and network switches, maintaining your existing IT systems by carrying proactive and preventive tasks and updating all relevant hardware and software parts of your IT systems. In addition we can provide IT Management, IT outsourcing, computer maintenance, IT consulting and much more as part of our IT support services.

If you would like to book an Onsite Support visit for your business please feel free to contact us .