Contract based / sla

With service agreements ICONA is committed to providing technical services and support as if we were employees of your company. Our maintenance agreement is a perfect fit for companies with Information Technology requirements that don’t justify a full time employee, an IT department who would like some external assistance with work load, process implementation and more.

Reduced time & material rates

Clients will receive special discounted rates for all services they obtain from ICONA , saves your company money on hardware and labor work throughout the year.

Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Visits and Monthly Remote Checks

Quarterly scheduled visits by one of our system engineers to perform regular maintenance on your critical servers, backup devices, Point of Sale Systems, Workstations and printers as well as address non-critical and deferred items on your account. Each month on a date agreed on by your Account manager and you, ICONA will remotely verify that all systems are still healthy, checking for any updates, security patches, downloaded software and threats.

Fully Managed Microsoft Critical Security Update System

Free updates of all your Microsoft servers and workstations with the latest security patches. Service plus Security updates are fully managed – we keep track of every computer on the network to ensure they receive the appropriate updates, if they are missed our monitoring software will alert us and open a support ticket in your account automatically.

Asset Tracking & Alert notification

Know what you own, the value and where it is! We tag each piece of deployed hardware with 2 serialized tracking tags. 1 is visible and one is hidden inside the case chassis so if outside one gets destroyed we can still find out the serial number. This allows us to track its service history and allows the end user quicker reporting time. The user of the equipment simply has to enter the asset number found on the top of their computer into the help desk system and it will automatically detected the computer, location, users, operating system, software & hardware installed, last worked performed, known field service issues from OEMs.

Asset tracking also assists you in managing warranty expiration, license compliance and other key pieces of information to help you manage the costs of software updates, hardware replacements or even insurance claims. You will never have to worry about losing a serial number or product key again. The key base is a utility that we launch for all clients, all important software that is installed onto each computer is recorded in our master database.

Manufacturer’s Field Service Issue & Recall Information

ICONA and partners have strategic partnerships with many of the main hardware manufactures who’s deliver information & service issues such as product recalls, emergency updates & product firmware updates to fix known service relating issues. Our asset tracking team will monitor our service bulletins for matches to equipment or assets that your company owns. The service alerts team will notify you or your IT department of the recall and setup the entire process.

Business Reviews

Scheduled meetings with your assigned IT Manager to discuss network health status. As well as new IT projects with a clear focus on how technology can support your companies business goals.

Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

An annual high level technology planning meeting to present recommendations to your company for setting long term goals as well as adjusting next years budget.

Regularly scheduled Network Security Audit

An important part of managing every network – our audit also provides removal of specific known malicious software.

A Help desk for your entire organization!

A dedicated Toll Free Telephone support line for your staff, just in case they have a question or problem Help and advice from our technical support team are only a phone call, Chat or e-mail away. You also have the option to have a white label help desk, all calls from your organization will be answered with your companies name such as “Good Afternoon ABC Help Desk, Can I have your asset tag please”?

3rd Party Vendor Management

ICONA will act as your liaison between yourselves and 3d party vendors in the day to day management of your network. Avoid having to manage the technical discussions and jargon a 3d party supplier may subject you to – we’ll do it for you and get the issues resolved. From hardware and software to internet equipment we will contact the vendor so you or your staff don’t have to.

Unlimited Remote Support.

Support when you need it, delivered quickly and efficiently by our professional technical support staff. Remote Support allows us to respond to your needs much more quickly than dispatching a technician to your office. Our enhanced remote support server and system allows us to manage most of your day to day network needs, connect directly to user’s desktops and assist them with their problem. Our remote support software runs on a secure 256-bit Encryption double layered network. That’s more secure than your banks website encryption. You can ensure that your sensitive and critical data will not be compromised.”

Unlimited On-site Support

Unlimited on-site support provides worry free, comprehensive management and service for your servers, desktops, notebooks and network devices. Combined with Unlimited Remote Support, Unlimited On-site Support provides you not only the highest level of service, but known, fixed monthly costs for all of your IT support needs.

Unlimited After-hours Server Support

We know that businesses have to work hard, often after hours, evenings or weekends. Unlimited after-hours server support puts us on site within your agreed S.L.A. to get your servers and systems up and running. There is no additional monthly fee for our after-hours support.