Enable a secure, high performance and reliable borderless mobility experience
A. Challenge

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations are lookingfor mobility solutions that help them connect more closely with customers,partners, and employees while at the same time maintaining a secure andmanageable network infrastructure. The IT departments within theseorganizations are tasked with meeting increased bandwidth andperformance demands, managing a proliferation of new mobile devices,while guaranteeing network access, availability, and regulatory compliance.Wireless technology and network applications such as unifiedcommunications must be fully integrated into an organization’s ITinfrastructure. When enabling business mobility in a convergedenvironment, the challenge is to design, build, and operate amobility solution aligned with your current business requirementsbut with the flexibility to scale to meet ever-changing market andorganizational demands.
B. Solution

ICONA can help you bring routing, switching, security, andwireless technologies together to enable employees, customers, andpartners to access mission-critical applications with any device fromanywhere, any time – securely, reliably, transparently. This is especiallyimportant as more organizations rely on more diverse and numerousmobile devices that are application and video enabled for an increasinglymobile workforce and need increased responsiveness to partners andcustomers. ICONA mobility solutions empower businesses to meet andexceed demands to move beyond basic wireless networking into the nextgeneration of business mobility, transforming the way business is done byfostering broader collaboration and new levels of productivity. This is doneby enabling wireless networks to support a variety of new mobilityapplications that extend across multiple networks and scale according tobusiness and technical requirements.Backed by deep networking expertise services from ICONA, we can help you plan, build, and run anetwork that enables you to expand geographically, embrace new business models, and promote businessinnovation. Our services help you integrate devices and applications and implement strategies effectively to secureand lower the total cost of ownership of your business mobility solutions.
C. Assessment Services

Good planning begins with a clear view of your current situation and your desired outcome. Assessment serviceshelp eliminate implementation surprises by helping you to anticipate and prepare for your transition to newtechnologies and business opportunities. By working with you to align your business and technical requirements, wehelp you to document your current environment, identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement, anddetermine next steps.

1. ICONA Wireless LAN Network Assessment Service:

Take a comprehensive approach to assessing the architecture, performance, and security of your wireless network.The ICONA Wireless LAN Network Assessment and ICONA Wireless LAN Performance Analysis services aredelivered by experts who draw on extensive experience in wireless network architecture design and radio frequency(RF) engineering to help you prepare for business-critical mobility that relies on a high-performance wireless network.These experts analyze how your network compares with ICONA leading practices and provide actionablerecommendations to help improve wireless LAN network throughput, reliability, and security.

2. ICONA Wireless LAN Mobility Services Readiness Assessment Service:

Evaluate the readiness of your wireless LAN to support mobility applications that increase productivity,responsiveness, and collaboration. This service helps you understand your current wireless LAN infrastructure,identify gaps, help ensure proper configuration, and address critical concerns such as scalability and performance.The assessments can help you identify requirements for any of the following ICONA mobility solutions: ICONA WirelessLAN Context Aware, ICONA Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems, and ICONA Unified Communications overWireless LAN.

3. ICONA Wireless LAN 802.11n Readiness Assessment Service:

Gain a clear view of your current business and technical requirements to adopt the 802.11n standard. Determine thereadiness of your current network architecture, physical sites, and operations. Through a series of assessments andreviews, wireless experts evaluate your wired and wireless network’s throughput, performance, and ability to scaleand make recommendations to prepare you for migration to 802.11n.

4. ICONA Unified Wireless Network Migration Service

Reduce the complexity of migrating from a ICONA autonomous solution or to a next-generation wireless LAN with a solid understanding of your infrastructure and technology requirements provided by engineers with deep knowledge of wireless and mobility technologies. Reduce deployment risk by preparing your operational environment to take full advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and reliability of higher speed wireless LAN technologies.

5. ICONA Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service

Design a wireless LAN infrastructure that provides the performance and quality of service that supports your sensitive Wi-Fi voice applications. We complement your team by helping you to assess your environment, manage your technical and application requirements with architectural options, configure your solution, and verify that your system is operating in accordance with the design.

6. ICONA Wireless LAN Context-Aware Planning and Design Services

Context-Aware mobility uses your wireless LAN infrastructure to help you gain visibility into critical business assets within the network in order to locate users and devices or security threats. For this solution to do the job of rapidly and accurately locating equipment, inventory, people, and other assets, we help you create a design that works effectively within your unified communications environment.

7. ICONA Wireless LAN Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System Planning and Design Service

Improve the availability, security, management, performance, and interoperability of your wireless network solution by deploying advanced wireless LAN security to protect your wired and wireless network from wireless threats, including denial of service attacks, rogue detection, and reconnaissance. This service helps you develop your technical requirements, assess architectural readiness, and review your implementation plan to improve the efficiency of network staging, migration, and integration.

8. ICONA Wireless LAN Guest Access Planning and Design Services

Increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your wireless LAN guest access deployment with best-practice tools and processes. These services include the planning and design of a guest authentication and accounting process, configuration of the wireless LAN controllers, and design of the guest registration portal, including guidelines for supporting guest requests and technical support.

9. ICONA Wireless LAN Video Surveillance Planning and Design Service

Deploy an IP-based video surveillance solution under a common management platform that uses both indoor 802.11n and outdoor mesh networking with wired and wireless cameras. Once the core infrastructure is in place, this service helps you create a video-ready wireless LAN and integrate your wireless network with your video surveillance solution.

10. ICONA Outdoor Wireless Planning and Design Services

Build a secure, scalable outdoor wireless infrastructure by establishing a foundation that can scale with your evolving business environment in a cost-effective way. This service can help you to successfully integrate the solution with your existing network infrastructure and segment traffic into VLANs for increased security and better network management.

11. ICONA Wireless LAN Optimization Service

Improve the performance level of your ICONA wireless LAN with this proactive service that provides ongoing design consultation, software configuration, and coverage recommendations. This service helps you support changes, while analyzing designs to enable your network to grow to support additional applications and users. It allows you to assess your wireless LAN’s performance and identify operational gaps using periodic onsite coverage, interference, throughput, and utilization measurements. The service also assesses your software and develops a strategy to reduce compatibility problems and help improve network availability. Additionally, the service helps increase your team’s knowledge of wireless LAN technology and solutions so that it can be prepared to use new applications and solutions when they become available.
D. Benefits

Whether integrating a wireless LAN with your wired infrastructure or migrating from an autonomous solution to a ICONA Unified Wireless Network, ICONA and our specialized partners deliver a holistic approach to business mobility. This end-to-end approach makes it easier to manage the increasing quantity and diversity of mobile devices, deliver device-to-network-to-application integration and security, create an open platform for the development of mobility applications, and integrate secure unified communications to enable mobile workspaces. In addition, these services help you to:

● Reduce network operations costs and improve your operations staff’s productivity by assessing the current state of the people, processes, and tools in your support infrastructure relative to proven practices

● Improve the availability, security, management, performance, and interoperability of your business mobility solution by working with you to develop technical requirements, assess architectural readiness, and review your implementation plan

● Increase your network security, reliability, throughput, and performance by continually optimizing your infrastructure

● Improve system reliability by resolving network-level issues quickly
E. Why ICONA Services

Today, the network is a strategic platform in a world that demands better integration between people, information, and ideas. The network works better when services, together with products, create solutions aligned with business needs and opportunities. The unique ICONA Lifecycle approach to services defines the requisite activities at each phase of the network lifecycle to help ensure service excellence. With a collaborative delivery methodology that joins the forces of ICONA, our skilled network of partners, and our customers, we achieve the best results.

1. ICONA and Partner Expertise: Better Together

ICONA engineers and Certified Partners are among the industry’s elite in providing integrated, collaborative, adaptive solutions. Jointly with our partners, we form the largest collection of industry certified experts in the world supporting the most complex networks to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. ICONA teams can collaborate with partners to foster consistency and alignment with ICONA methodologies, tools, and leading practices.