Domain Controller / Active

Active Directory (AD) service is the main switchboard of a network operating system. It manages the Identities and brokers the relationships between distributed resources so that they can work together. Further, a directory service is a place to store information about corporate and organisational assets such as applications, files, printers, and users. It provides a consistent method for naming, describing, locating, accessing, managing, and securing information about the resources.Microsoft Active Directory was designed to be feature-rich, flexible, and scalable. Active Directory requires a considerable investment of time during the initial planning and design stages as well as throughout the life of the network. As the networking environment changes, it is critical to ensure that Active Directory continues to function as required.The purpose of the Active Directory Project is to migrate all of these environments into a single AD forest, which will provide the following benefits:

  • Single user name and password – NetID
  • Password synced between AD and LDAP Directory Services
  • Reduce overhead through standardization
  • Improve services through centralized management capabilities
  • Provide foundation for the following AD related services:

– Exchange
– SharePoint

  • Improve workstation security
  • Central storage provided for individuals and departments
  • Backup and restoration services for central storage
  • Server storage space for user documents
  • Backed up data on Home and Departmental drives
  • Lower departmental cost because infrastructure is managing and maintaining